The attention your staff gave
to residential customers was greatly appreciated and something I often find lacking in many businesses

Carl S.
Proctor, VT
New Bathroom Construction, New Kitchen Construction

New Construction

You have dreamed of the kitchen and bathrooms in your new home, and now it is time to make those dreams a reality.

Like any other major project, new construction involves a series of logical steps. Do your homework, work with your contractor and remember the experts at Frank Webb's Bath Centers are here to help with your questions. In fact, plumbers and contractors have relied on us for more than 100 years and we can help you with your product selections and coordinate details and delivery to your new home.

Effective Planning

Once you have a general idea of the styles that are most appealing, you will really need to think carefully about what is actually going to work best for you in your new home. Here are some tips that we think will help you in the planning process:

Thinking about the Fixtures

For developing your fixture list, you should think about it room by room. Make a separate list for the master bath, powder room, kitchen, island, mudroom, etc. When you are developing your fixture lists, make sure you're thinking about the style and color scheme that you ultimately want to end up with for each room. We would also recommend that you carry samples, including fabric swatches, paint color chips, tile samples, etc. when you're out shopping for your fixtures so that you're sure everything in your room works together.

Create as much detail as you can in your dream list of fixtures for your contractor to install. In our "Where do I start" section you can print our planning worksheet to help you keep track of everything from floor to ceiling. From tubs to toilets to towel bars, from radiant floor heat to overhead lighting, we can help you put together that list for the home of your dreams.

Hiring the Pros

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