SpaLet AT200 Integrated Electronic Bidet Toilet

$6,167.00 Save $925.05


State-of-the-art technology and beautifully considered design advancing personal hygiene. The SpaLet Collection offers the experience of superior cleanliness and soothing self-indulgence. The daily ritual of visiting the bathroom has been reborn. The SpaLet collection provides the choice of integrated bidet smart toilet or the simpler electronic bidet seat. Experience the next step in luxury bathrooms.

The DXV AT200 LS SpaLet bidet toilet provides a variety of automated, easily adjustable functions to cultivate a relaxing spa experience. Luxury design and performance paired with personalized hygiene, comfort and cleansing features pamper you in comfort for a fresh, out-of-the-shower feeling. Advanced features harness the power of technology to keep your room smelling fresh, with air circulation, room refresh deodorizer, and an air shield deodorizer. A soft night light illuminates the seat and bowl, creating a glow that guides you during the night. This hygienic bidet seat includes an aerated feminine wash and aerated posterior wash with dual adjustable self-cleaning nozzles, and a heated toilet seat with adjustable temperature settings.
  • ADA compliant
  • Finish: Canvas White
  • Adjustable, automatic flush settings (off, 2, 6, 10, 15 second delay options)
  • Dual adjustable, self-cleaning nozzles for independent front and back cleansing
  • Aerated feminine and posterior wash
  • Adjustable temperature & water control settings
  • pressure (6 levels), temperature (6 levels), massage, and oscillation
  • Automatic open/slow-close lid and seat
  • Heated seat with 6 adjustable temperature settings
  • Warm Air Dryer with 4 temperature settings for ultimate comfort
  • Air circulation with blue light uses Plasmacluster technology to constantly clean the air in the bowl when the lid is closed
  • Room refresh deodorizer uses Plasmacluster technology to clean the air around the toilet. This feature can be set to run once a day at your choice of time
  • Air shield deodorizer uses air currents and active carbon to shield and neutralize the odor in the bowl producing fresh air
  • Soft night light
  • Nozzle shutter to conceal and protect the water sprays from buildup
  • Prewash to help prevent buildup on the bowl surface
  • Seat safety sensor to ensure water sprays cannot be activated while not in use
  • One-touch 8-hour eco-button reduces power consumption
  • Easy-to-use remote control with LED screen
  • Sleek and simple with full skirt and low height design
  • Power Stream Flush: double vortex flush with siphon jet
  • External manual flush button
  • Hyper clean surface to prevent scratches and preserve cleanliness of the bowl
  • Vitreous china compact elongated bowl
  • 3 year warranty for residential, 2 year warranty for commercial.