Shower-Only Faucet Trim

Faucet Trim for the Shower

Browse the selection of shower-only faucet trim at Frank Webb Home and find durable and attractive options for your bathroom. Our shower-only trim kits without valves include all the visible parts of your shower faucet, including the shower arm, shower head, escutcheon plates, and control handles or levers. Trim kits are equally functional and ornamental, covering your valves while bringing a traditional, contemporary, or transitional style to complement your space. We offer shower-only trim in classic, rounded designs and modern square variations, in finishes including chrome, black, and gray to coordinate with the rest of your bathroom’s fixtures. Not all valves and trims are compatible, so confirm your kit will work with your existing valves; find shower-only trim from Newport Brass, Moen, and other top brands at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace shower trim without replacing the valve?

Yes, you can replace your shower trim without replacing the valve as long as the trim is made by the same brand and designed to work with your existing valve. We also offer universal shower-only trim kits designed to work across brands and designs.

What does shower-only faucet trim mean?

Shower-only faucet trim refers to the visible parts of a shower—the spout or shower head and arm, escutcheon plate, control handles, and flange. The shower-only specification means the trim is for a walk-in shower rather than a shower and tub combo.