Kitchen Sink Accessories

Enhance Your Kitchen Sink With Essential & Optional Accessories

Kitchen sink accessories make washing dishes, cleaning produce, and prepping food easier. Explore our selection and find add-on elements for workstation sinks and standard basins, designed to keep your daily tasks running smoothly. We offer garbage disposals, basin racks, drain stoppers, and accessories to improve the functionality of your sink, organize your kitchen, and maximize your counter space.

Garbage Disposals & Accessories

Cut down on trash and safely dispose of food waste with a garbage disposal for your sink. Powerful grinders break down organic waste to flush it down your drain without clogging. Explore disposals in a variety of horsepower and capacity options to meet your household’s needs, and find essential accessories, including power supply cords, sink flange extensions, and drain covers.

Basin Racks & Grids

Protect your sink from scratches, scuffs, and other damage with a durable stainless steel basin rack. Freestanding grates require no installation and rest on rubber feet for extra protection. We offer flat and elevated protective grids in shapes and sizes to fit single or double sinks and small prep basins.

Drain Strainers & Stoppers

Prevent debris from going down the drain and plug the sink for washing and other tasks with a drain strainer and stopper. We offer drain baskets in black, brass, gray, and chrome to match your kitchen style and sink faucet. Explore full sets, including the flange and drain assembly, and standard replacement baskets.

Sink Soap Dispensers

Keep the countertop surrounding your sink clutter free with a designated soap or lotion dispenser. Built-in soap dispensers feature a capacity tank installed below the counter, leaving just the soap dispenser visible for a clean look. Wall-mounted bottles provide versatile dispensing options for any kitchen layout, wet bar, or prep area. Explore chrome, bronze, black, gray, and other popular colors to match your sink faucet and kitchen hardware.

Rinse Baskets, Cutting Boards, Colanders & Other Accessories

Make daily dishwashing and food prep easier with convenient add-ons for your kitchen sink: Sturdy stainless rinse baskets organize clean dishes while air drying, and cutting boards, colanders, and other add-ons for your sink create a prep station for fruits and vegetables with quick access to water for easy washing and clean-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What goes into a kitchen sink?

There are several accessories that fit into your kitchen sink; an essential one is the drain strainer and stopper. Required for many dishwashing and rinsing tasks in the kitchen, each part of this assembly serves a different function:

  • Drain stopper: When depressed, the stopper plugs your drain to allow the sink to fill for washing dishes and other tasks.
  • Drain strainer basket: When the stopper is open, the strainer part of this accessory allows water to drain while stopping food and other waste from clogging your plumbing.
  • Flange: This piece connects to the sink drain and houses the basket; the rim of the flange is exposed around the outside of the strainer.

What is a sink guard?

A sink guard or rack is a metal grid that sits in the basin to protect it from dents, scratches, and other damage caused by dishwashing and other everyday wear and tear.