Bridge Kitchen Faucets

What Is a Bridge-Style Kitchen Faucet?

Browse our collection of bridge-style kitchen faucets and discover fixtures to add vintage-inspired elegance to your sink. A bridge kitchen faucet consists of two separate handles, one for hot water and one for cold, connected by a bar, or bridge, that is exposed over the countertop instead of being hidden under the sink. This traditional kitchen faucet style is not as popular as its single-handle counterpart, but these eye-catching fixtures make a statement while giving you ample room for filling large pots or vases and washing dishes in any sink.

While you may expect to find a bridge-style faucet in a traditional, Victorian, or country kitchen, we carry varieties to match almost any motif: A brass bridge faucet adds a vintage-inspired touch to a modern farmhouse sink, a black bridge faucet imparts industrial, architectural appeal, and a sleek chrome design effortlessly complements a cool, contemporary space. Discover wall-mounted bridge kitchen faucets, faucets configured for two- or three-hole sinks, and options with or without pull-down sprayers in the selection at Frank Webb Home.