Bridge Kitchen Faucets

What Is a Bridge-Style Kitchen Faucet?

Browse our collection of bridge-style kitchen faucets and discover fixtures to add vintage-inspired elegance to your sink. A bridge kitchen faucet consists of two separate handles, one for hot water and one for cold, connected by a bar, or bridge, that is exposed over the countertop instead of being hidden under the sink. This traditional kitchen faucet style is not as popular as its single-handle counterpart, but these eye-catching fixtures make a statement while giving you ample room for filling large pots or vases and washing dishes in any sink.

While you may expect to find a bridge-style faucet in a traditional, Victorian, or country kitchen, we carry varieties to match almost any motif: A brass bridge faucet adds a vintage-inspired touch to a modern farmhouse sink, a black bridge faucet imparts industrial, architectural appeal, and a sleek chrome design effortlessly complements a cool, contemporary space. Discover wall-mounted bridge kitchen faucets, faucets configured for two- or three-hole sinks, and options with or without pull-down sprayers in the selection at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bridge faucets out of style?

No! In fact, bridge faucets have recently become increasingly popular as people seek to add unique appeal to their kitchens. The design of a bridge faucet makes cleaning a breeze, as you can easily wipe under the bar to remove water or soap, and the slim footprint leaves room for a soap dispenser, sponges, or a simple vase of flowers.

What are the benefits of a bridge faucet?

In most cases, bridge kitchen faucets are favored for their look, height, and economy of size. The divided hot and cold handles and high, off-the-counter design makes the faucet taller, allowing it to accommodate tall pots and vases for easy filling. The fixture also boasts a narrow profile, making it perfect for compact spaces, as you can easily nest a sponge or décor around the base of the faucet.

Do bridge faucets swivel?

Yes! Many of our bridge faucets come with a turnable spout and/or a pull-down sprayer for maximum utility when washing dishes or rinsing food. Review the specifications for your chosen model to ensure you’ve selected a bridge kitchen faucet that meets your needs.