Shower Head & Handshower Combos

Fixed Shower Heads & Dual Handheld Showers With Diverters

Explore our collection of shower head and handshower combinations and enhance the function and appeal of your bathroom. From dual shower heads that do double duty to handshower heads with hoses that attach to an existing shower head, our collection includes a variety of options to add versatility to your showering experience. Design the shower of your dreams with a high-quality shower head and handheld shower in black, chrome, brass, or nickel to complement other bathroom fixtures. We offer units in styles from traditional to modern so there’s an option to suit your space. Browse our selection of high-quality shower head and handshower combos from Delta, Grohe, American Standard, and other top brands, and get started on redesigning your shower today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add a handheld shower to an existing shower head?

Yes. You can add a combination handheld shower and fixed shower head to your current shower arm, or enhance the utility of your existing shower head by adding a handshower head and hose. Choose from combination fixed shower head/handshower designs, or handheld showers with diverters that can be added to your current shower head.

What is a dual shower head?

A dual shower head combines a fixed showe rhead and a handheld shower into a single unit, with a diverter to switch between the two. Some dual shower heads mount the handheld shower head next to the fixed shower head or beneath it, while others allow for different mounting configurations. If you have a fixed showerhead, you can easily replace it with a dual shower head: Just remove the old head and attach the dual shower head to the shower arm.