Add Function & Design With Floor & Table Lamps

Carry out the design in any room with decorative floor and table lamps from Frank Webb Home. Shop by collection, color, finish, or style to discover the perfect lamp to meet your needs and enhance your room’s aesthetic, whether it is contemporary, craftsman, modern, or transitional. A side table lamp or well-placed floor lamp can easily highlight your home’s design and improve any room’s function: Light a small entry or reading nook with an accent lamp, or illuminate a larger gathering area with torchiere-style lighting. You’ll find it’s easy to achieve the look you desire and the functionality you need with the right lamp choice.

With so many bulb, shade, and height options for lamps, it’s important to take the room’s main use into account when shopping. Consider features to not only elevate the style of your room, but also improve its usability. For task-oriented spaces, choose adjustable table or desk lamps that provide plenty of direct lighting or use bright LED bulbs. In bedrooms, however, you’ll want table lamps with fabric shades for diffused bedside lighting. Explore the selection of table and floor lamps at Frank Webb Home and find options to enhance your living and entertaining spaces, create ambiance, or accent areas of your home for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use decorative lamps?

Place decorative table and floor lamps in your space to illuminate the room while complementing your home’s design. Add sleek style and interest to any space with contemporary and modern lamps, charm visitors with colorful, craftsman-style lighting, or create a timeless look with transitional lighting. Choices in shades, light bulbs, and finish color make it easy to use decorative lamps to enhance the design throughout your home.

Do my living room lamps have to match?

No, lamps throughout your living space do not have to match, but they should complement each other and fit in your general design aesthetic. It’s okay to use a similarly styled, but not exactly matching accent light and floor lamp in a single room. To find lamps that will coordinate, first browse by finish color or by style (contemporary, traditional, and so on), then look for lamps from the same brand or collection. If your living spaces flow into one another, it is a smart design choice to use a continuous style for your lighting, just as you would with the hardware or other elements in your home.