Bidet Seats

Transform a Conventional Toilet with a Convenient Bidet Seat

Upgrade a standard toilet with a bidet seat and enjoy premium personal cleansing and comfort. A bidet toilet set, bidet attachment, or washlet attaches directly to your conventional toilet, enhancing its capabilities without the need for major changes. Choose an electric or mechanically powered unit based on your room’s outlet locations and desired ease of installation. We offer washlets with advanced features that cater to your individual needs, including heated seats, deodorizers, drying capabilities, and multiple spray modes, as well as basic attachments for enhanced cleansing. Any bidet toilet seat you choose will modernize your restroom, reduce the need for paper products, increase accessibility, and improve your personal hygiene; find bidet seat options from Toto, American Standard, DXV, and other top brands at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a bidet seat and a bidet toilet?

A bidet seat is added onto a conventional toilet, while a bidet toilet is a standalone unit. For a fairly easy and less-permanent solution for improved personal cleansing, choose a bidet attachment or toilet seat instead of installing a secondary fixture.

Can you install a bidet on any toilet?

Yes, there are bidet styles available to fit almost every toilet. As long as you choose a mechanical or electrical operation to suit the available power supply and a seat size and style to properly fit on your current toilet, you can install a bidet.