Prioritize Cleanliness & Comfort With a Bidet Toilet

Explore bidet toilets at Frank Webb Home and create an enhanced restroom experience with hygienic benefits. Reduced paper waste and environmental impact, increased self-care, and improved washroom accessibility are among the reasons to add a bidet in a bathroom remodel or new addition. Cleansing bidet toilets crafted in white vitreous china blend seamlessly with your other fixtures for a cohesive look. Explore bidets from Toto, American Standard, Duravit, and other top brands at Frank Webb Home.

Freestanding vs. Wall-Mount Bidet Toilets

Choosing the right cleansing toilet is often a matter of personal style and comfort, but you should also consider your room’s layout, plumbing, and electrical features. Freestanding bidets will plumb similarly to a standard toilet but may require an additional electrical outlet. Wall-mount bidets are easier to clean around and beneath, but they do have more challenging plumbing requirements, and many also require a power supply. Both versions of standalone fixtures are available with basic cleansing features and manual faucets. Or, browse premium bidets and washlets with multi-functional modes, remote controls, auto-closing lids, and other advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a bidet?

The benefits of using a bidet include:

  • Reduced paper waste and environmental impact
  • Increased personal cleansing and hygiene
  • Improved accessibility for many levels of mobility
  • Enhanced restroom experience and comfort

Do all bidets need to be plugged in?

No, many bidets do not require electricity. Explore Frank Webb Home and find cleansing toilets that use lever or knob controls, rather than electricity, to turn the toilet spray on or off and adjust the water flow.

Are bidets sanitary?

Yes. Bidets can eliminate many touch points for someone using the restroom, from paper rolls and holders to flush levers; this is especially true of bidets with automatic features for drying, flushing, and lid open/close. Bidets do require regular sanitizing similar to that of a standard toilet, but many offer cleaning functions for upkeep.