Outdoor Flush & Semi-Flush Lights

Flush & Semi-Flush Mounted Exterior Lights

Outdoor flush and semi-flush lights add style to your home’s exterior while creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere. A well-lit entrance to your home not only improves your curb appeal, but highlights your house number, provides safety, and guides visitors to your preferred entry point. Enhance the exterior entrance area of your home with lighting in contemporary, craftsman, or transitional styles. From oil rubbed bronze fixtures with hammered glass shades to steampunk lanterns with exposed bulbs, the selection of outdoor flush and semi-flush light options at Frank Webb Home includes options to suit any style. Choose between flush and semi-flush fixtures based on your ceiling height and personal tastes: Semi-flush mounts require more open area and ceiling height clearance than a flush mount fixture. Browse outdoor flush and semi-flush mount light fixtures from Progress, Kichler, Seagull, Oxygen, and other trusted brands at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between flush and semi-flush mount lights?

The difference between flush and semi-flush lights is the fixture’s final position once installed. A flush mount sits flat against the ceiling, while a semi-flush mount is designed to have a visual gap between the light and the ceiling. A semi-flush mounted ceiling light often falls between a flush mount and a pendant light.

Why choose a flush mount or semi-flush mount?

Choose a flush- or semi-flush mounted light based on the ceiling height where you are mounting it. Ceilings should generally be seven feet from the floor to allow enough clearance (18–24 inches) below the light for people to safely pass beneath it. If your space has ceilings lower than seven feet, opt for a flush mount light to maximize your clearance. If you’re installing in an area that’s susceptible to a lot of wind, a flush mount light may also help block debris from getting into the bulb area, saving you some cleaning time.