Residential Wall-Hung Toilets

Space-Saving Wall-Mount Toilets for the Home

Browse residential-wall hung toilets at Frank Webb Home. A wall-hung or wall-mount toilet is installed so as to appear to be floating, with its tank hidden behind the wall. Because of its low-profile design and space-saving footprint, a wall-mount toilet is a popular choice for modern, minimalist bathrooms, but it’s also harder to install than a traditional toilet. Explore our selection and find the right wall-mount toilet for your space. Choose from round, square, and elongated styles to match your needs: A square wall-mount toilet offers a sleek modern aesthetic, while rounded or elongated designs may be better suited for traditional bathrooms. Find fixtures in white, silver, or black finishes; our collection of wall-hung toilets includes options to complement any aesthetic. Browse Frank Webb Home and find toilets from Toto, Duravit, and other trusted makers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wall-hung toilets a good idea?

Wall-hung toilets boast many benefits, including their compact, space-saving size and easy-to-clean design. Wall-mount toilets are typically more expensive to purchase and install than traditional toilets, so they may not be a good option if you are trying to stick to a budget.

What is the standard height for a wall-hung toilet?

Most wall-hung toilets are installed 15 to 19 inches above the floor.

How much weight can a wall-hung toilet hold?

Most wall-hung toilets can hold up to 500 pounds; check the specifications for your exact fixture to ensure it will work for your needs.