The Best Showers & Tubs for Your Bathroom

Explore our collection of bathtubs and showers and find a style you love for your space. From whirlpool and therapy tubs to convenient bathtub/shower combos, we offer durable, attractive options for bathrooms of any size, design, and purpose. Create an oasis of relaxation like you’d find at your favorite resort with a deep-soaking freestanding tub, or pair an all-in-one stall with glass shower doors for a simple, modern aesthetic. An easy-to-install alcove tub fits directly into an existing nook, while drop-in and undermount tubs require a supportive surround but offer more versatile options for placement. If accessibility is a priority, consider a walk-in tub that enhances the safety and security to your space. We offer the best showers and bathtubs from the top brands in bath design so you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable type of bathtub?

Oval or slipper-shaped freestanding bathtubs are considered the most comfortable: The oval and slipper silhouettes offer the most ergonomic support, while the freestanding design allows for your arms to rest comfortably atop the rim.

Is it better to have a bathtub or walk-in shower?

Whether a bathtub or walk-in shower is better is a matter of personal preference: A bathtub/shower combo is beneficial for both resale value and functionality, as most homes with at least one bathtub are seen as preferable to those with only a walk-in shower. However, if you neither have young children nor prefer to bathe frequently, a walk-in shower stall may be better suited for your needs.