One-Piece Toilets

Compact & Easy-to-Clean One-Piece Toilets

Revamp your bathroom with a one-piece toilet from Frank Webb Home. Streamlined and compact, a one-piece toilet saves space in both width and height, leaving extra room for cleaning and storage and making it a practical choice for small bathrooms. Opt for an efficient unit with basic capabilities, or enhance your experience with a one-piece toilet boasting additional features. Explore options with self-cleaning UV lights, multiple wash modes, and adjustable heating settings to elevate your daily routine. We offer high-quality, easy-to-install one-piece toilets from American Standard, Toto, and other top brands; browse our collection to find a suitable match for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a two-piece toilet with a one-piece toilet?

Yes, a two-piece toilet can be replaced with a one-piece toilet, as long as the measurements of the new fixture match those of the old.

What are the pros and cons of a one-piece toilet?

Convenient, compact, and reliable one-piece toilets are easy to install and clean compared to other toilets, and their sleek design takes up less space. Because of their one-piece construction, these toilets are also more durable and less likely to leak than two-piece toilets. However, these benefits come with a price: some one-piece toilets are costly. And, because one-piece toilets are more compact, they are heavier than two-piece toilets, making them harder to maneuver and ship.

Which one-piece toilet is best?

The best one-piece toilet depends on the layout and design of your bathroom: A toilet with a stout tank, or one without a tank altogether, may be best if your bathroom has limited vertical storage space, while one without hard-to-reach grooves is easy to clean in small bathrooms. If your toilet is located directly next to a sink or bathtub, choose a model with a flush handle on the opposite exposed side. Our collection includes one-piece toilets from top brands, including Toto, American Standard, and DXV.