The Best Ceiling Lighting Fixtures for Any Space

Frank Webb Home offers decorative and functional ceiling lights in designs and styles to suit every space. Whether you’re looking for a stunning farmhouse ceiling light to complement a rustic dining room or a low-profile fixture for a foyer, kitchen, or hallway, you’ll find plenty of attractive options in our selection. Understanding the types of ceiling lighting will help you choose the perfect fixture for your surroundings:

  • A glamorous chandelier can transform the ambiance in a foyer, dining room, or living area and create a statement-making focal point, while pendant lights are an effective means to illuminate a kitchen island or entryway.
  • Versatile flush and semi-flush lights lie close to the ceiling, brightening spaces from a kitchen or bedroom to a garage, foyer, hallway, stairway, or basement.
  • A ceiling fan adds comfortable air circulation to your home’s interiors; choose a lighted ceiling fan for dual functionality, or opt for an unlighted fan in a space with existing ceiling lights, wall sconces, or lamps.
  • Low-profile or decorative track lighting creates a contemporary atmosphere in a bedroom, kitchen, or dining room.
  • Recessed lights provide ambient illumination in kitchens, baths, and living rooms, and can spotlight a gallery wall or a dramatic piece of art.

Browse high-quality ceiling lights from Dunbar, Brockton, Minka, New Harbor, and other top brands. From eye-catching modern chandeliers to understated flush-mount lights, find the ideal ceiling lighting fixtures for any space at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size ceiling light do I need?

Choose a ceiling light proportional to the room where you’ll install it, and one that allows adequate clearance for traffic. To find the right size for a chandelier or pendant light, measure the length and width of your room in feet, and add those dimensions together. The resulting number is the size, in inches, for your ideal light fixture. For example, if your room is 15 feet x 15 feet, you should look for a fixture that is 30 inches wide.

What ceiling lighting is best for a sloped ceiling?

The best light fixture for a sloped ceiling is one that adapts to the angled surface. Consider a chandelier or pendant light suspended from a chain or rod for a fashion-forward option, or install recessed or track lighting to add practical illumination.