Light Fixtures to Illuminate Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Explore the lighting collection at Frank Webb Home and find fixtures to brighten any room, indoors or out. Whether you’re building your home from scratch, remodeling a bathroom, or redesigning a living area, choosing the right lighting is an integral step in creating a space that is not only functional, but feels cozy and welcoming. Our collection of light fixtures includes everything from statement-making chandeliers to practical under-cabinet lighting, so there’s an option for nearly any space or need.

Create a Layered Lighting Look Indoors

For indoor spaces, a layered lighting approach is the best way to provide ample illumination and achieve visual interest. Use accent, task, and ambient lighting to create a balanced, bright aesthetic. Start with ceiling lights to set the base for a room’s lighting strategy and provide ambient illumination—consider a glamorous chandelier above a dining table, a practical pendant in an entryway, or low-profile track or recessed lighting for living spaces. Wall lights and floor or table lamps can provide ambient or accent lighting depending on the design and needs of your space: Opt for wall lights instead of table lamps on either side of your bed, or accent a credenza—and any artwork hanging above it—with slim, tall buffet lamps or a set of sleek, statement-making floor lamps. Finally, add task lighting to help you complete your daily routines. Whether you’re looking for a downbridge lamp for a reading nook, a vanity light for above your bathroom mirror, or under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen, you’ll find attractive and functional fixtures in the lighting collections at Frank Webb Home.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Areas

Installing outdoor lighting is an easy way to increase the curb appeal of your home, but that’s not its only allure: Outdoor light fixtures also enhance the safety and security of your home’s exterior. Make a welcoming first impression for guests, illuminate a patio or backyard living area, highlight architectural and garden features, or brighten walkways for safe stepping with fixtures from our selection of outdoor lighting.

Lights are one of the most important features for making your house feel like a home. Explore the collection of functional and decorative lighting options at Frank Webb Home and discover high-quality fixtures in understated or dramatic designs from Crystorama, Kichler, Hinkley, ELK Lighting, and other top brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of lighting?

The three types of lighting are ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

  • Ambient lighting, sometimes called general lighting, provides overall illumination to an area.
  • Accent lighting adds visual interest in a space and draws attention to artwork, décor, or architectural features.
  • Task lighting provides helpful illumination for everyday chores, from prepping meals to putting on makeup to reading a book.

Can indoor lights be used outside?

Lights designed for indoor use generally should not be installed outside. Some indoor fixtures may be rated for damp conditions, which means they are appropriate for use in bathrooms as well as in covered outdoor spaces with minimal exposure to the elements. Always check your indoor light fixture’s specifications before installing it outdoors.