Landscape & Path Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Landscaping & Pathways

Enjoy your outdoor spaces after the sun goes down with functional landscape and path lights from Frank Webb Home. Install lighting to enhance your patio design, showcase greenery and gardens, or provide safety on pathways. Contemporary, transitional, or traditional light fixtures in finishes including black, brass, and white will fit seamlessly into your home’s landscape design.

Showcase Landscaping & Architecture With Directional Lighting

Directional landscape lights are ideal for illuminating terrain and architectural features in your yard. Shop a variety of luminosities from accent to incandescent to flood lights to suit your needs. With options for in-ground well-style or staked fixtures, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to uplight trees or spotlight water features.

Mount Landscape Lights for Safety & Style

Keep safety a priority with stylish mounted deck or step lighting for your outdoor areas. Illuminate stairs and edges to eliminate tripping hazards with integrated, mounted deck lights. For stonework like retaining walls, seating areas, and columns, look for strip lights designed for hardscapes to give your backyard a soft glow of ambient light.

Light the Path to Your Outdoor Oasis

Illuminate walkways and provide direction to guests with outdoor path lights. Available in ornate or sleek silhouettes and in a variety of finishes, staked path lights can be a design feature all on their own. Give your backyard some ambiance with options including traditional metal shades, built-in shade diffusers, and dimmable bulbs.