Track Lighting

Illuminate Interior Spaces with Sophisticated or Functional Track Lighting

Explore track lighting at Frank Webb Home to find inspired options for illuminating a hallway, kitchen, or other living space. Track lighting features a series of independent fixtures called heads, bullets, or pendants, suspended from a ceiling-mounted support rack that supplies electricity to each fixture. All track lighting includes a fixed or variable number of adjustable heads, so you can direct the light where you need it.

Types of Track Lighting

Track lighting systems come in three configurations:

  • Linear track lighting features a straight track that mounts directly to the ceiling and supplies electricity to the independent light fixtures suspended from it. Choose from linear lighting tracks in 2-, 4-, or 8-foot sections, as well as coordinating pendant heads you can add or remove—or slide back and forth along the track—to suit your needs.
  • Fixed track lighting installs directly into a ceiling junction box like any other light fixture, and features heads attached in a permanent position to a straight or curved bar. The lights themselves can swivel to direct the light where you need it, but cannot be moved along the track.
  • Monorail track lighting features flexible or curved pieces you can configure to create a rounded shape for the track. A monorail track lighting system hangs from a center ceiling mount with periodic supports called standoffs.

How to Use Track Lighting

Fixed and monorail track lighting typically serve a decorative purpose, providing ambient illumination or adding style in an open concept living space, kitchen, or bedroom. In contrast, linear track lighting is primarily functional, used to accent artwork, shine light on a workspace, or illuminate a long hallway. The primary benefit of track lighting is its versatility: Adjustable pendants or bulbs mean you can aim the light where you need it most.

Explore our selection, and then choose from traditional, transitional, contemporary, and modern track lighting styles to find the best fixtures to complement your home’s décor. Whether you’re looking for an entire track lighting system or a single head to supplement an existing configuration, you’ll find a variety of attractive, high-quality options at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add heads to my track lighting system?

Yes, you can add to or change the number of heads on a linear or monorail track lighting system, as long as the type of head you choose is compatible. Tracks come in three types: H (Halo), J (Juno), or L (Lightolier). The pendant heads you choose cannot be used interchangeably among the three, but must match the existing track type. Fixed track lighting has a set number of heads that cannot be changed.

What is track lighting best for?

Track lighting is best for a space where a spotlight is needed, whether to highlight artwork or to illuminate a work area. Track lighting also allows for a greater number of lights without the need for additional junction boxes, making it ideal in a large space where other lighting options are insufficient.