Kitchen Sink Strainers & Stoppers

Drain Basket Strainers & Stoppers for Any Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink strainers and stoppers are small accessories that make a big difference in how your drain functions. A strainer is essential for catching large food particles and other solids before they enter your plumbing or garbage disposal, while a stopper efficiently plugs your basin for dishwashing and other tasks. We offer a variety of full kits complete with plug, strainer, and flange, as well as standalone kitchen sink stoppers and drain baskets to use for upgrades or replacements. Browse hardware by finish to match your current faucet, or explore by function: Select a slotted basket for careful filtering, a grid-style strainer for increased water flow, or a protective stopper to cover disposals. Explore Frank Webb Home and find quality stopper and straining basket choices in chrome, gold, white, and other popular colors to blend seamlessly with any kitchen design.