Kitchen Sink Faucets & Features

Choose a new kitchen faucet to complement your sink design and make daily tasks easier. Signature fixtures in classic stainless or modern black finishes instantly upgrade any sink with improved usability and a refreshed look. Explore a variety of faucets with features to fit your family’s lifestyle, from Moen, Delta, American Standard, and other top brands.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

The right kitchen faucet for your sink will complement your space and enhance its functionality. Consider the primary types of faucets to find the perfect option for your kitchen:

  • Pull-Down or Pull-Out Spray – Kitchen sink faucets with integrated sprayers improve your reach for washing and other tasks. A pull-down faucet features a flexible hose-like fixture that can be lowered into the basin; a pull-out fixture has similar reach capabilities but with a shorter profile and retractable hose hidden in the faucet neck.
  • Faucet with Side Spray – This faucet with a separate sprayer includes a base unit with the spout and water controls, and a spray nozzle in a matching finish color to be installed independently. The sprayer may be added to the sink deck or omitted for a simplified faucet without spray.
  • Bridge-Style Faucet – This fixture displays the connection between the hot and cold water handles above the sink deck rather than below it; the bridge- style fixture does not include a mounting plate so the countertop is exposed for added design.
  • Specialty Fixtures – Provide water access in different areas of your home with specialized faucets. Shop pot filler faucets to provide water access right to your stovetop, and bar and prep faucets for sinks with smaller basins in workspace or serving areas. Add custom hot and drinking water dispensers to any sink deck for temperature-controlled water on demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which faucet is better: Pull down or pull out?

Each faucet type has its advantages based on the space available and your individual preferences: A pull-down faucet is ideal for single-handed operation, and is often the choice of a professional-style kitchen, but greater vertical clearance to accommodate the taller spout. If your sink is located below upper cabinets, a pull-out faucet is the best option.

What is the best height for a kitchen faucet?

The best height for a kitchen sink faucet depends on the installation space available and the primary uses of the sink. To determine if the faucet is the right height, first measure the spout reach and height, and the total fixture height. Then, compare those measurements to the installation area to ensure the kitchen faucet fits within these conditions:

  • The spout height allows room in and above the basin for common tasks, including washing and filling cookware.
  • The total fixture height keeps an appropriate clearance below cabinetry or furnishings.
  • The spout’s reach extends far enough over the basin to deposit water into the drain.
  • The spout can rotate in its full range of motion without hitting any obstructions.

What features should you look for in a kitchen faucet?

Shop kitchen faucets with features to match your lifestyle. If washing dishes and rinsing containers is a common activity, look for a faucet with a sprayer. If you’re an avid cook with large cookware, consider a pull-down or pot filler faucet. When a sprayer isn’t necessary, a single-handle faucet can save space on your sink deck.