Recessed Lights

Recessed Ceiling Light Housing & Trim

Can lights, pot lights, downlights—whatever name you prefer, explore recessed lights at Frank Webb Home and find a low-profile fixture for your space. Ideal for rooms with low ceilings and bathroom showers, recessed ceiling lights can also be used to maximize the amount of ambient illumination in a room. Browse our selection to find recessed light housings, which are installed within the ceiling and provide power to the light; and recessed light trim, which creates a clean, polished aesthetic on the exterior. Choose from classic baffle trim to minimize glare and create a soft glow; pinhole trim to provide direct, focused lighting; wall-washer trim to highlight artwork or architectural features; and eyeball-style recessed lights that pivot to change the direction of the illumination. We also offer recessed lights rated for wet conditions and designed specifically for use in showers. Whether you’re looking for subtle ambient lighting for a living room, eyeball-style can lights for a sloped ceiling, or options to supplement linear lighting around a kitchen island, you’ll find a suitable option in the selection of recessed ceiling lights at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are recessed lights?

Recessed lights are a low-profile fixture installed in the ceiling and designed to sit flush with the surface for a sleek, polished aesthetic. Recessed lights consist of two parts: the housing and the trim. Because of their versatility and functionality, recessed lights are a practical choice for nearly any room.