Cabinet & Furniture Pulls

Simple & Decorative Pulls for Cabinets, Furniture & Vanities

Elevate the appearance of vanities, dressers, drawers, and other furniture with classic or ornate cabinet pulls from Frank Webb Home. Whether your tastes are minimalist or glamorous, we offer pulls in styles to suit your needs. Choose a rectangular brushed nickel cabinet pull for a chic, modern look, or add dark bronze handles to a wood dresser for a rustic, farmhouse feel. Replacing cabinet and furniture pulls is a quick and effective way to renew your space; browse our collection and find options from Top Knobs, Alno, Smedbo, and other top brands to update your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cabinet pulls are best?

The best cabinet pull depends on personal preference. Consider style, size, and material when choosing the best pulls or handles for your cabinets, furniture, or vanity.

  • Style: Choose a pull style that will complement your home’s décor and architectural style. We offer pulls in styles from rustic to traditional to modern.
  • Size: Use the width of your drawer or cabinet to determine the ideal pull length.
  • Material: Our pulls are available in a variety of finishes, from sophisticated gold to versatile, classic chrome.

Should cabinets and drawers have the same pulls?

Not necessarily; cabinet and drawer pulls do not all have to be the same. Choose pulls in assorted lengths to correlate to varying drawer and cabinet sizes. Or, make a statement on a dresser or other furniture piece by using different pulls for the top drawers.

Are cabinet pulls or knobs better?

Choosing between a cabinet pull or knob comes down to personal preference, but knobs are often more practical for opening higher cabinets, and pulls are used for lower ones.