Bathroom & Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors for Grooming & Décor

Explore bathroom and vanity mirrors at Frank Webb Home and find an essential element in any good washroom design. A quality vanity mirror is not only useful for hygiene and grooming, it’s also a decorative feature that can make a big difference in your bathroom style. Whether you’re enhancing a small lavatory or designing a new main bathroom, you’ll find a selection of mirror choices to complement your style, furnishings, and fixtures at Frank Webb Home.

Decorative Bathroom Mirrors

Adda decorative mirror in any half bathroom or powder room to make the space seem larger and more open and improve its aesthetics with a touch of color, chrome, or wood. A bathroom wall mirror also gives guests an opportunity for quick touch-ups and grooming. Explore metal or wood mirrors with a variety of scrolling, intricate patterns, and find options with beveled glass or embossed details. Choose from a variety of styles to impart the right level of design and functionality to your washroom.

Advanced-Function Vanity Mirrors

For a guest or main bathroom used for frequent grooming, styling, and makeup tasks, consider a vanity bathroom mirror with extra features. Defogging glass minimizes time spent waiting for condensation to clear, and an energy-efficient LED mirror improves lighting around your vanity area. Explore a selection of frameless, framed in full-perimeter lights, and backlit designs with uninterrupted glass to get the illumination you need. If a clear sink area is a priority, consider a retractable, mounted makeup and shaving mirror that’s equally useful and easy to put away.

Explore the selection of modern bathroom and vanity mirrors at Frank Webb Home and find options to improve the usefulness of your space and enhance your décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should a mirror be over a bathroom vanity?

A mirror over a bathroom vanity should always be smaller than the countertop: Aim for a mirror that’s about 4 inches shorter than the vanity and center it so the countertop extends past each side of the mirror. For double-sink vanities, measure to the halfway point and subtract 4 inches to determine the size of the mirror for above each basin.

Do bathroom mirrors have to match the vanity?

No, bathroom mirrors do not have to match the vanity exactly, but they should complement the room’s style. Use the same color family for the frame as the vanity top; choose a mirror with black accents to go with a black marble counter, for example. A simplified or frameless design will be easier to blend into the bathroom’s décor theme.

What kind of mirrors are best for bathrooms?

Bathroom mirrors should be moisture-resistant and made with tempered glass. The backing should be made from materials that can withstand humidity so they do not break from daily exposure to moisture.