Kitchen Sink Rinse Baskets

Rinsing Baskets & Utensil Caddies for Kitchen Sinks

Browse kitchen sink rinse baskets at Frank Webb Home and enhance the functionality of an essential kitchen fixture. A space-saving rinse basket rests inside the basin of your sink and features a grated design that allows water to escape through to the drain, making it the perfect spot for letting dishes air-dry. We offer rinse baskets with and without removable dish racks, as well as sink utensil caddies that prevent forks, knives, and spoons from becoming lost beneath a pile of plates. Use a small rinse basket to corral sponges and dishwashing detergent out of the way, or opt for an expandable design that adjusts to fit either side of a double-bowl sink. Whether you’re rinsing vegetables or drying plates and bowls, consider a rinse basket to simplify the task and save space. Find high-quality sink accessories to enhance your kitchen at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rinse basket?

A rinse basket is essentially a dish drying rack that rests inside the basin of your kitchen sink. Typically crafted in rust-resistant stainless steel, a rinse basket boasts a grated design that allows excess water to flow through to the drain and features coated rims and feet to keep from scratching the surface of the sink.

Are all kitchen sink baskets the same size?

No, not all kitchen sink rinse baskets are the same size. Check the measurements of your chosen rinse basket against the size of your sink basin to ensure it will fit.