Toilets & Bidets to Tailor Every Bathroom’s Comfort & Style

Get the right level of comfort and style in every bathroom of your home with options from our selection of toilets, bidets, and bidet seats. Visual appeal, ease of cleaning, installation requirements, and available space are all important considerations when choosing a new toilet or bidet. Explore Frank Webb Home and discover options to upgrade any bathroom remodel or new addition.

One- and Two-Piece Toilets

Both one- and two-piece toilets have configurations to meet your preferences for seat height, bowl shape, flush lever location, and water efficiencies. Popular for its affordability and ease of installation, a two-piece toilet can complement any transitional, traditional, or contemporary bathroom. A sleek one-piece toilet provides functionality comparable to a two-piece, but the seamless fixture is easier to clean and provides a more modern look. However, the weight of a single porcelain unit can make it more difficult to transport and install.

Wall-Hung Toilets

A modern wall-hung toilet adds minimalist style to any bathroom. With no pedestal and a concealed water tank, a wall-mount fixture makes any washroom appear more open; customize the toilet height for more personal comfort and accessibility options. While a wall-hung toilet’s uninterrupted design makes cleaning easier, its hidden water tank can cause installation and maintenance challenges.

Bidets & Bidet Seats

Improve the comfort and capabilities of your toilet with a bidet fixture or seat. Installing a standalone bidet gives your bathroom an upgraded, modern look while improving personal hygiene, increasing accessibility, and reducing paper product waste. If space is a concern, consider installing a bidet seat on your conventional toilet for increased cleansing options with less remodeling and customization required. Explore Frank Webb Home and find freestanding bidets and seat attachment choices to elevate the functionality of any washroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a bidet and a bidet seat?

A bidet is a standalone fixture, while a bidet seat is an attachment that gives a standard toilet cleansing capabilities. Both styles are available with a variety of features to provide many levels of functionality and comfort.

Which is better, a 1 or 2 piece toilet?

One- and two-piece toilets are comparable in features and options. Choosing one over the other is a matter of style and ease of installation. Heavy one-piece fixtures are more difficult to transport and can be harder to install than two-piece units; however, they are generally easier to clean and provide a more designer look.