Floor Lamps

Types of Floor Lamps

Explore floor lamps at Frank Webb Home and find attractive options to elevate and illuminate any space in your home. The right floor lamp will not only brighten an empty corner, provide practical light in a reading nook, or cast a welcoming glow in a foyer, entryway, or living room—it will also complement your chosen décor. Our collection includes style-oriented twists on classic floor lamp types:

  • A club or standard lamp is the most common form of floor lamp, with a narrow column and light on top. Club or standard floor lamps can boast plain, narrow columns, or more decorative designs.
  • Torchiere floor lamps feature inverted shades, often made of glass, to direct the light upward, making them an ideal option for adding ambient light in living rooms, bedrooms, foyers, and more.
  • As its name suggests, an arching floor lamp features a long, slim arm that attaches to the base of the lamp and arcs outward, allowing the lamp to extend over a piece of furniture.
  • Swing arm lamps feature an adjustable arm that pivots and swings the bulb, head, or shade into a number of positions, so you can direct the light exactly where you want it.
  • Like swing arm lamps, semi-adjustable downbridge lamps provide practical task lighting, but impart a streamlined, modern look to your space.
  • Tripod floor lamps have three slim legs beneath a single shade for a distinctly mid-century modern aesthetic.
  • Multi-arm floor lamps feature two or more arms protruding from a single base or column, and offer bright task or ample ambient illumination thanks to its multiple light sources.
  • Novelty floor lamps provide bold decoration and illumination through unexpected designs, colored shades, or other distinct features.

From Tiffany-style floor lamps perfect for a study or traditional living room to striking modern designs that make a statement in a foyer, den, or bedroom, find high-quality lighting products from Generation Lighting, Hudson Valley, Hubbardton Forge, and other trusted brands at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of floor lamp gives the most light?

A torchiere floor lamp directs light upward and provides the most ambient light for a space, and multi-arm floor lamps feature multiple bulbs so they also provide ample ambient illumination. If you’re looking for task lighting, a downbridge or swing-arm lamp will provide the most direct light for a brighter workspace.

How tall should a floor lamp be?

A floor lamp should be between 58 and 64 inches tall. The bottom of the lamp shade should be at or above eye level of a person seated on your furniture.