Two-Piece Toilets

Two-Piece Toilets From Top Brands

Browse the selection of two-piece toilets at Frank Webb Home and find a popular, versatile fixture for your bathroom design or remodel. As its name suggests, a two-piece toilet consists of a separate tank and bowl that are attached together during installation. The fixture’s design makes it easy to transport and easy to repair when plumbing issues arise. Explore our selection and find two-piece toilet sets as well as individual tanks and bowls in traditional white and off-white hues or bold color options, including black and beige. We offer two-piece fixtures with elongated toilet bowls for bathrooms where space is not an issue and compact round-bowl designs for rooms with a smaller footprint. Two-piece toilets with extra features enhance the utility of your space; consider dual flush capabilities, nightlights, or remote-control seats to suit your specific needs. Explore top-quality fixtures from trusted brands, including American Standard, Toto, and Duravit, at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a two-piece toilet?

A two-piece toilet features a separate bowl and tank that connect during installation. Versatile and easy to transport, these toilets are the most common on the market.

What is the advantage of a two-piece toilet?

The advantages of a two-piece toilet includes its price, versatility, and weight:

  • Price: In general, a two-piece toilet is more cost-effective than a one-piece toilet, making it a better option for bathrooms where budget is a deciding factor.
  • Versatility: Two-piece toilets come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors; Frank Webb Home offers everything from traditional, off-white models to eye-catching ebony designs.
  • Weight: The structure of lightweight two-piece toilets allows for dismantling during transport, installation, and repairs.

Are one-piece or two-piece toilets better?

Whether a one- or two-piece toilet is better depends on your needs: A two-piece toilet is budget-friendly, versatile, and easy to repair, while space-saving one-piece toilets are easier to clean and better for small bathrooms.