Kitchen Sink Soap & Lotion Dispensers

Kitchen Sink Dispensers for Hand Soap, Dish Soap & Lotion

Browse kitchen soap and lotion dispensers at Frank Webb Home and find solutions to declutter sink areas while keeping important products within reach. Install a built-in dispenser in the deck area of your kitchen to keep soap or lotion handy but eliminate freestanding bottles, clearing space for washing dishes, preparing food, and other tasks. A refillable tank cuts down on plastic waste and can house whatever liquid you use most frequently—hand soap, sanitizer, dish soap, or lotion. Eliminate extra trips to the bathroom cupboard and prevent your space from looking disorganized with a kitchen lotion dispenser. Or, create a dish soap dispenser by filling the tank with dishwashing liquid so you can easily pump cleaner into your basin as it fills. If your sink deck doesn’t accommodate built-ins or for increased convenience in a small prep area, wall-mount dispensers hold refillable bottles in place and out of the way. Frank Webb Home offers dispensers for lotion, hand soap, and dish detergent from Hansgrohe, Delta, Grohe, and other trusted brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put dish soap in a soap dispenser?

Yes. Fill the reservoir with dish soap to dispense detergent directly into the sink or onto a sponge. Any liquid you use often—dish soap, lotion, hand soap, or hand sanitizer—can be added to a sink dispenser’s reservoir for convenient access.

Can you add a soap dispenser to a sink?

Yes, a soap dispenser may be added to any sink deck that has a hole to accommodate it or where one may be added. If your sink deck cannot be drilled into or if you’re outfitting a small prep area without adequate space, consider a wall-mount dispenser for similar organization and refill capacity.

Can I replace my sink sprayer with a soap dispenser?

Yes, the dispenser may be installed into the sink deck to replace a side sprayer with little or no modification. Replacing an unused spray nozzle with a soap or lotion dispenser is a solution to better utilize your space and eliminate clutter caused by a standalone bottle.