Brighten Any Room With Walls Lights & Sconces

Set a mood, enhance your home’s interior design, or brighten living spaces with options from our selection of versatile wall lights. Include sconces and other wall-mounted fixtures in your home’s lighting scheme to round out each room’s illumination and elevate the overall aesthetic. Our collection includes wall lights in contemporary, industrial, modern, and transitional styles to enhance any space. Find fixtures from Moen, Seagull, Minka, and other top brands at Frank Webb Home.

Elevate Your Décor with Attractive & Functional Sconces

Wall sconces are the perfect fixture choice for complementing your home’s décor. With glamorous accents or sleek, contemporary styling, some wall-mounted lights are dramatic enough to serve as decorative accents on their own. Or, use sconces to direct guests’ eyes toward features you’d like to highlight, such as a fireplace mantel or framed artwork. Create a glowing ambiance or provide bright, task-oriented light with LED and standard bulb fixtures. Use wall lights to brighten areas where table lamps or overhead lighting prove challenging or insufficient: Sconces fit easily in nooks where natural light is lacking, and adjustable wall lights offer convenient illumination in reading areas or beside a bed. Increase safety in high-traffic areas like hallways and stairways with a row of strategically placed sconces. Choose from fixtures with exposed bulbs, frosted shades, and up- or down-facing options to achieve the aesthetic you desire and the level of lighting you need.

Brighten the Bath with Sconces & Vanity Lights

Create interest and provide illumination for grooming, makeup application, and styling with the right bathroom lights. Explore vanity and bath lights with upward or downward facing sconces, and select single, double, or multiple bulbs to fit your needs: Span the length of your cosmetic counter, flank the vanity mirrors, add light to the water closet, and brighten walk-through areas with the right bathroom wall lights. Make sure to consider the fixture placement, and select a light that is rated to accommodate dry, damp, or wet locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a wall light?

One of the strongest reasons to choose a wall light is that they save space yet still provide adequate illumination. Wall sconces do not require floor area for a stand or table, and can be placed directly where you need the light without showing cords for a clean, designer look.

What room is the best room for a wall light?

Versatile wall lights work in nearly every room of your home: Add accent lighting in a living room, diffused lighting in the bedroom, or safety-enhancing lighting in a hallway. Wall lights rated for moisture are ideal in bathroom areas. Combine wall sconces with lamps, ceiling lights, recessed lighting, or other fixtures to enhance overall brightness while adding to your home’s style.