Outdoor Flood & Spot Lights

Flood & Spot Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Highlight features in your yard or illuminate an entire exterior area with vivid outdoor spot or flood lighting from Frank Webb Home. Choose from exterior wall- or ceiling-mounted fixtures, as well as in-ground options to achieve the brightness you desire. You’ll find outdoor spot and flood lights in styles from contemporary to traditional and a range of colors and finishes to meet your needs. Our selection includes high-quality fixtures from Kichler, Hinckley, Progress, Seagull, and other popular brands.

Improve Safety & Security With Flood Lights

Illuminate large areas like garage doors, patios, and fence lines with mounted or staked flood lights that keep your property well lit and secure. Adjustable fixtures are easy to mount to a building’s exterior to brighten areas where in-ground lighting isn’t an option. Install a sequence of stake-style flood lights around the exterior of your home or fence line, or consider a combination of security lighting styles to accommodate areas from flat walls and overhangs to grassy areas.

Highlight Landscape Features With Spot Lights

Show off elements in your beautifully landscaped lawn with spot lights. Ideal for illuminating individual features, a narrow spot light beam brings focus to a tree, a flag pole, bird bath, garden statue, or other yard décor. We offer fixtures in a variety of stake lengths, wattages, and beam widths to improve visibility while adding to the ambiance of your environment. Spot lights also increase the safety of your outdoor spaces. Illuminate barriers in your yard, and use submersible lighting in and around water features.

Explore the selection of outdoor flood and spot lights at Frank Webb Home and find fixtures to emphasize elements in your outdoor spaces while creating a safe, illuminated environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you use a flood light versus a spot light?

Choose a flood light to fill—or flood—an area with light, and use a spot light to highlight a single element or feature in your landscaping. Spot lights often have a more decorative function while flood lights are mostly used for security and safety. Use both lighting types in tandem to effectively increase security while adding to the overall nighttime landscaping design.