Alcove Bathtubs

Maximize Your Space With a Recessed Bathtub

Frank Webb Home offers a selection of alcove bathtubs to suit your space. A recessed or alcove tub features only one finished side and installs into a three-wall nook, making it a suitable option for a small bathroom where space is at a premium. Choose a standard recessed tub for practical everyday bathing, or opt for a deep alcove soaking tub for spa-like relaxation at home. We offer simple rectangular tubs to complement modern or contemporary bathrooms, as well as alcove tubs with rounded aprons for a softer, more traditional look. Choose from bright white to beige finishes in our selection of tubs from Acryline, Maax, American Standard, and other reliable manufacturers. Explore alcove tubs at Frank Webb Home and discover an option to complement your bathroom design or remodel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alcove tub?

An alcove tub features three unfinished sides and one finished side, or apron. This type of tub installs into a recessed area, leaving the apron exposed for a clean, polished look.

What is the difference between an alcove and a drop-in tub?

The difference between an alcove tub and a drop-in tub is the positioning: An alcove bathtub installs into a recessed nook, while a drop-in tub installs into an existing structure or deck.

What is the deepest alcove tub available?

Our collection of alcove tubs includes options in depths ranging from a standard 18 inches to 23 inches for a recessed soaking tub.