Water Supply, Risers & Stops

Risers & Shut-Offs for Toilet & Tub Water Supplies

Easily set up your toilet, sink, or tub using a water supply, riser, or stop valve from the collection at Frank Webb Home. Stop valves connect to any type of water supply and will help you shut off flow and prevent damage if a bathroom toilet or faucet fails; find a variety of sizes to work with toilets, tubs, showers, or bathroom sink faucets. We offer elegant supply kits in one- and two-tube varieties to suit hot and cold water setups or water supplies with only one temperature; most kits include a built-in stop valve for convenient shut-off when necessary. Find water risers and supplies made in flexible materials to be curled beneath or behind a plumbing fixture, or sturdy, unbending varieties to stand up on their own. With products from Moen, Barclay, and Jaclo, our collection of water supply, risers, and stops includes all the fittings you need to install a bathroom faucet or toilet.