Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucets

Optimize Cleaning & Cooking With A Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

Browse semi-professional faucets at Frank Webb Home and enjoy commercial-grade utility and style in the comfort of your own kitchen. Semi-professional faucets with touchless sensors promote cleanliness and ease, while arched and spring-loaded gooseneck models efficiently fill larger cookware while effectively handling high water pressure. Whether you’re remodeling or designing your sink space from scratch, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen with a commercial-style faucet; choose a model that comes with a deck plate, water filler, or soap dispenser for a cohesive look. Find attractive semi-professional kitchen faucets from Kraus, Barclay, American Standard, and other popular brands at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a semi-professional kitchen faucet?

Semi-professional kitchen faucets originated in commercial restaurants for washing and processing food, and are designed to sustain high pressures and reach further than typical faucets. Today, they’re frequently installed in home kitchens for the same convenience.