Bathroom Sink & Faucet Parts

Replacement Parts for Bathroom Sinks & Faucets

Find the components and accessories you need to set up or repair your washroom fixtures in our collection of bathroom sink and faucet parts. Our collection includes state-of-the-art options from top brands, including Delta, Grohe, and Toto; browse spouts, levers, handles, and diverters to suit a variety of sink layouts and faucet types. Full lavatory faucet kits come in an array of finishes and sizes to suit washroom sinks large and small. Replacement knobs and levers can be purchased one at a time, in sets of two or more, or as a part of a complete setup that includes knobs, spout, and diverter. Discover a wide variety of drain assemblies to work with pedestal, drop-in, and apron-front bathroom sinks in pop-up, teardrop, and grid drain varieties. Complete the installation of your new bathroom sink or faucet with rivets, mounting rings, screws, rubber seals, and rough-ins—parts large and small are available in our collection. Whether you are replacing your existing sink and need new parts for installation, or are simply looking to fix one element or fitting, you’ll find the components needed to make the project a breeze in the collection of bathroom sink and faucet parts at Frank Webb Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify my faucet for replacement parts?

Most bathroom sinks have the name of the manufacturer stamped on the base of the spout, near where the faucet attaches to the deck. If the logo, model number, or icon is not visible on the outside of the faucet, check underneath the sink for a tag attached to the cold water supply line with the model number and brand name. Once you've discovered the brand name and model of your sink, matching them to the proper replacement parts should be easy.