Bathtub & Shower Parts

Maintenance Parts For the Tub & Shower

Replacing bathtub and shower parts is a cost-effective and simple way to refresh the look and functionality of your bathroom. Browse our selection and find the maintenance parts you need to update your bathroom fixtures. We offer a selection of shower arms to suit a variety of shower heads, including rainfall and standard models. A decorative or functional drain grid cover adds style to your shower while protecting your plumbing against clogs; choose from gold, bronze, brass, and other finishes to complement your faucet. Use shower shelves and baskets to organize your soap, shampoo, and conditioner bottles for a clean, clutter-free aesthetic. From shower arms and shelving to shower and tub drains, flanges, and a variety of other hardware, our selection includes easy-to-install, high-quality bath and shower parts from top brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shower arms a standard size?

Most shower arms sold in the US and Canada have the universal thread size of ½ inch NPT, making them easily replaceable. Exceptions include shower arms in older homes and those designed to work with unconventional showerheads.

Do you need to shut off the water to replace a shower arm?

You do not need to shut off the water supply when replacing a shower arm, but you should turn the faucet completely off. Keeping the water supply line on makes it easy to test for leaks once the new arm is installed.