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Everything You Need to Know About Bidets

Bidets have long been a standard fixture in bathrooms across Europe. Today, they are gaining popularity in modern American bathrooms. Fortunately, they are no longer your traditional standalone porcelain fixture that sits next to a toilet. Instead, they have been redesigned to save space and provide a spa-like experience. They are becoming a top pick for homeowners with an interest in accessible living and staying in their current home as they age, also known as "aging in place."


What is a Bidet?

Bidets help you clean yourself after using the toilet with a jet of water. A bidet is traditionally a porcelain standalone fixture typically located next to the toilet. With standalone bidets, you use the toilet first, then move over to it for cleaning. This type of bidet is what you usually see in Europe.

Modern bidets are a part of the toilet and have a hygienic nozzle that extends beneath you to spray a targeted stream of water exactly where you need it for easy positioning. When not in use it retracts inside the seat. These newer bidet toilet combos come in many different shapes, sizes, and types.


More Hygienic
Water from a bidet cleans more thoroughly than toilet paper and provides a gentler, more comfortable experience. Many toilet-bidet combos on the market also offer hygienic filtered water, technology to keep the toilet bowl clean and deodorizers to help reduce bathroom odors.

No more reaching for the toilet paper. Bidets help you clean yourself after using the toilet with a jet of water. Many of today’s modern bidets offer automatic flushing and some even have an auto open and close lid function for a completely touchless experience.

Today's toilet-bidet combos and bidet seats offer a spa-like experience with options like warm water, warm air dryers, heated seats, automatic flushing, night lights, wireless remote controls, adjustable nozzles, and more.

With a bidet, there's less need for toilet paper, so you're saving trees. Plus, some are designed to save water and provide self-cleaning functions to reduce the frequency of cleaning and the need for harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Reduces Plumbing Problems
With less going down the drain, there are fewer clogs and less going into septic tanks.

Bidets provide additional comfort and ease of cleaning for people with disabilities. From individuals with incontinence who appreciate how easy it is to freshen up as often as needed during the day to giving someone with arthritis their dignity back so they can toilet alone.

Today's Bidets

Bidet-Toilet Combo (From $2,500 - $10,000)

A toilet that integrates bidet capabilities. In most cases, this combo offers the latest technology including adjustable water pressure and temperature, custom spray modes, warm air dryers, deodorizers, heated seats, automatic flushing, wireless remote controls, and more.

Bidet Seats (From $300 - $1,900)
A more affordable option that can be easily installed on most residential toilets by replacing your current toilet seat. They can come complete with heated seats, warm water cleansing, air dryers, and a remote control.

Considerations when buying a bidet

When buying a bidet, consider the needs of you and your family and how many features you’d like it to have. For example, do you want it to have endless warm water? Do you want to adjust the water pressure? Other considerations include:

  • Will the bidet seat fit over your existing toilet? Will it match the same color as your toilet?
  • Do you have a round or elongated toilet seat? This can also affect the positioning of the bidet seat on your existing toilet.
  • Do you have or can you add an electrical outlet near the toilet? Since most bidet-toilet combos and bidet seats are powered by electricity they usually require an outlet within 3 feet of the toilet for a power cord.