Vettis Pressure Valve Trim with Six-Function Diverter

$826.00 Save $181.72


The Vettis bath collection by Brizo pairs a solid, geometric form with the sensory experience of cascading water, creating a truly contemporary centerpiece. The unprecedented water delivery system forms a luxurious stream that embodies the spirit of the natural world.

This pressure balance valve trim with six-function diverter features easy lever handle operation with 120-degree maximum handle rotation. Maintains a balanced pressure of hot and cold water even when a valve is turned on or off elsewhere in the system. The main lever handle controls the temperature and volume, and the top handle controls the diverter functions. Field adjustable to limit bottom handle rotation into the hot water zone.

The trim kit comes features a 6-3/4" wide x 6-3/4" high escutcheon and red/blue temperature markings.
  • Bottom handle controls volume/temperature and top handle controls diverter functions
  • Diverter has three individual positions and three shared positions
  • 1/2" universal inlets/outlets
  • Back-to-back installation capability
  • Cartridges ship with the trim
  • Does not include shower head and shower arm
  • Not recommended for tub applications
  • Must order MultiChoice Universal integrated shower diverter rough-in valve RP75000 series sold separately