May, 2017 – The F.W. Webb location in South Boston is proud to be one of Boston's many green buildings using energy wisely and contributing to the city's impressive designation by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy as the most energy efficient city in the nation. Built in 2011, the modern Webb facility in Boston's iconic "Southie" neighborhood features a geothermal hybrid HVAC system, photo voltaic solar panels, energy-saving lighting fixtures, low-water toilets and faucets, Energy Star-rated systems, additional insulation beyond code, and bicycle racks.

Located at 307 Dorchester Avenue in Boston’s iconic "Southie" neighborhood, the Frank Webb's showroom offers many of the latest in high-efficiency "green" products for the area's homes, condos, apartments, hotels, restaurants, business, and other establishments. Energy-saving products on display and available at Frank Webb’s showroom include low-flush toilets, sensor-activated faucets, and low-water, high-pressure showerheads – all from the best brands in the industry.

One of F.W. Webb's busiest locations, the South Boston facility sits in the heart of one of the largest construction booms in Boston's 387-year history.

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