Frank Webb Home’s “Match Your Style” campaign launched in late May across multiple media including television, social media, digital, radio and print advertising. The commercial — filmed in the Seabrook, NH showroom — features various showroom settings with different styles ranging from rustic, coastal, traditional, modern and even minimalist.

People have their own personal styles — quite often reflected in their homes and musical taste. Matching your style to your home is foundational to the campaign. The varying showroom settings, and the accompanying music, both play significant roles in the 30-second spot.

The Professional Violinist Behind the Music

Gregory Harrington is the man behind the music for the “Match Your Style” campaign. But he is more than just an acclaimed musician. Harrington appears in the commercial as “the violinist in the bath tub.” His value to the campaign was far greater than just a cameo of a few seconds.

Harrington’s unique blend of musical talent and acting abilities made him ideal to cast for a role in the commercial. It was his flair with the violin, though, that helped bring it to life.

In between shots, Harrington played various pieces highlighting the romantic charm of the violin from Elgar’s “Salut d’Amour” and U2’s “With or Without You” to his arrangement of the iconic “Prelude from the Cello Suite in G major BWV 1007.” He often performs it on tour and has sold many copies of his violin arrangement of the piece. Those in attendance said the track felt like it fit just right. So Harrington later recorded the studio cut used in the commercial.

Origins Across the Pond

Harrington’s musical talent has taken him around the world. As a Billboard charting artist, he has released five acclaimed albums and performed on broadcast TV and radio around the globe, including opening the St. Patrick’s Day Parade live on NBC. His wide-reaching appeal has brought him to perform for Irish and US Presidents and Vice Presidents, celebrities, heads of state, the United Nations and millions of music fans worldwide. He has appeared as a soloist with esteemed symphony orchestras and has performed anthems for the NFL, NBA and Irish Rugby in major stadiums from Lambeau Field to the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden.

An internationally renowned violinist, he was born in Dublin, Ireland, but now resides in New York City. Among his many achievements, Harrington is the first Irish-born violinist to perform a full-length debut solo recital at Carnegie Hall where he returns for his fifth performance in February 2023 on the 20th anniversary of his debut.

Harrington’s other interests include presenting masterclasses in conservatories and universities, conducting speaking engagements and teaching violin lessons.

Your Home Your Style

Your home is your sanctuary — so it is uniquely you. Make sure you strike the right chord when it comes to matching your style.

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