One place you won't want to cut corners is making your bathroom safe and accessible for all users. We invite you to explore the benefits of receiving specialized assistance from highly trained experts in our Accessible Living showrooms, located in Methuen, MA, Hartford, CT, Bangor, ME, Seabrook, NH, Ballston Spa, NY and Syracuse, NY. Our consultants can help you select attractive, well-crafted shower seats, flat drain systems, grab bars, specialized medicine cabinets and more. These showrooms also have our full range of kitchen and bathroom products to offer you one-stop shopping.

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If our Accessible Living showroom locations aren't convenient for you, the consultants in all of our showrooms can also assist you with safety products. Select a showroom near you and stop by, or make an appointment to ensure that a showroom consultant is available to discuss your project when you come in.


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Safety can be beautiful: "Customers don't seem to realize that accessibility product manufacturers have become style conscious," the showroom consultant told us. "They are certain that incorporating safety products into their bathroom or kitchen will make them look institutional." That's not surprising when you think about the serious-looking, no nonsense grab bars of years ago, she added. "But now grab bars, showers with integrated seats, vertical medicine cabinets that can be reached from a wheelchair, flat shower drains, wall-mounted sinks, and so many other products can be downright stunning." If you incorporate well designed safety aids into your bathroom, people are likely to notice – but all they will say is "Wow, your new bathroom looks great!"

A few more words to the wise: Our expert urges customer to plan ahead. "Now that the old institutional look is gone, it's never too early to incorporate safety aids into a remodel. People don't like to think about needing these aids if they're still young, but you'll save a bundle by including them in a remodel or build, instead of trying to retrofit later. Plus, seniors and kids who are visiting you will be safer and more comfortable." Although the look of today's safety aids has undergone a style revolution, the principles of installing and using them properly haven't changed. While some grab bars look like (and do double duty as) classy towel bars, that's not to say that a heavy duty towel bar can serve as a grab bar. And grab bars require special reinforcement to meet requirements and do their job.

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