To age in place means that you will be remaining in your own home for the later years of your life.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant products are designed to make their use easier, safer and more comfortable for people with disabilities or limited mobility. The most prevalent aspect of ADA compliance is the measurement and spacing of these products within your space. Meeting ADA is not a requirement for private residences. Residential new building and remodels can incorporate the ideas in the ADA standards as guidelines to improve overall functionality.
Products that are designed for you to age in place, which we also call accessible living products, are there to provide safety and add convenience and comfort to your daily routine. They include shower seats, flat drain systems, grab bars, specialized medicine cabinets and more. For those with disabilities or limited mobility, these products must meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications where needed. The most prevalent aspect of ADA compliance is the measurement and spacing of these products within your space. Contact us for a free consultation with a Frank Webb Home expert, and we will help you make your bathroom safe and accessible.
Today, there are more sleek, subtle and stylish options available than ever before. Especially since remodeling a space with accessible products has become more popular regardless of age and ability. It can benefit families with kids or whose older family members visit often, it can add value to a home and allow homeowners to stay in their homes as they age. For example, well-crafted shower seats and wrap bars come in designs and finishes that add beauty to your bath. Or a towel bar can serve double duty as a grab bar. Visit one of our accessible living showrooms to experience the products firsthand and get inspiration for your own space.
Touchless bathroom and kitchen faucets are a perfect solution for people with disabilities because there is no turning and twisting required. They make it simpler for people with physical disabilities to reach and access water, and also protects against scalding since there is a mixing valve that can control the temperature.
Now that the old institutional look is gone, it's never too early to incorporate safety aids into a remodel. People don't like to think about needing these aids if they're still young, but you'll save a bundle by including them in a remodel or build, instead of trying to retrofit later.
A curbless shower is ideal for people using a wheelchair, walker or for someone who is at risk for falls. A Handheld showerhead also helps those with physical challenges. Bidets that are a part of the toilet or bidet style seats can help people with disabilities use the toilet unaided. We have specialized medicine cabinets that allow for wheelchair access and much more. Schedule a free consultation with a Frank Webb Home expert to find the styles and solutions that best fit your lifestyle.

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Whether you are simply replacing a faucet or remodeling an entire bath, it's helpful to have access to a wide selection of quality products and friendly experienced guidance when making your product selections. Our experienced showroom teams are here to help you decide on the best plumbing fixtures, accessories and lighting options for your project.

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