Kitchen FAQs

Not too hard. Manufacturers make single bowl sinks that fit in the same size area your double bowl sink is in. You will need to make changes to your drain piping. Call your contractor to check on the feasibility.

Not anymore! There are many options available today. There are many classic, commercial and contemporary styles to choose from. In addition there are different shapes, sizes, depths and configurations from which to select. You can have drop-ins or undermounts with different materials to choose from, such as: cast iron, stainless steel and granite. Now you can select a sink for its utility or entertainment value. It's not just your grandmother's kitchen sink any more.

Gauge is a reference to the thickness of the stainless steel used to make the sink. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the stainless steel.

Think of these factors when selecting a kitchen sink:

  • Surface-choose a finish that fits your space and function
  • Strength-the lower the gauge number the thicker the sink
  • Sound-insulation is important for sound and condensation reduction
  • Size-you have many choices today. Consider function as well as form
  • Shape-square, round, "D" bowl, kidney and so on... many options for your beautiful kitchen counter or island

First you will need to consider the Function and Depth of your sink. Pull-outs faucet spray heads that pull straight out of the faucet spout toward you are connected to a long hose for utility. A pull-down works the same but the head pulls down from the neck of the faucet. While Pot fillers are installed at your cooking surface so you can fill a pot and not have to transfer it from the sink to your cooking surface. Pot fillers can be wall mounted or counter top mounted.

You have a couple of options. One option is to place covers into the holes. Although this may not be the most aesthetic look, it does assist in remedying the holes in the sink. Another option would be to add a soap dispenser in one or more of the holes. You could have one for soap and the other for lotion. If that is not what you are looking for you may consider a hot water maker or a filtered water dispenser; As you make the plumbing changes for the new faucet this will be a great time to hook up some of these other items.

There are garbage disposals that have an activating switch built right into the cover. You first place your food waste in the disposal. Next place the cover over the opening. Twist the cover to activate the disposal and you don't have to worry about your fingers reaching inside. A great safety feature for little children.

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